About Us

Leisure bridgewater charters has been designed and developed by the brother and sister duo of Alex and Andrew Archibald. We showcase the immaculate presence of all the luxury yachts currently in the fleet in the Sydney Harbour and afar.

After growing up on sailing vessels and being exposed to the beautiful surroundings and culture that is all yachting, we have found that every experience on the water is new and original in its own way. This needs to be showcased and catered to all needs to make sure every moment is just as great as the moments we have had on board and near the water.

At Leisure Bridgewater Charters we work with groups and individuals to tailor a package that works for them and allows our clients the flexibility to be able to enjoy Sydney the way it was meant to be and the way we see fit, on the water.

Since inception, we have worked with hundreds of groups to make sure their day on the Sydney Harbour is a magical experience. We love to continue the development of a close, collaborative relationship which allows everyone to enjoy and be at piece of mind when it comes to all and every future event.

We pride ourselves in making the most out of what is in front on us and have absolutely no doubt in mind that any charter and event with us will leave a lasting impression in which we can’t wait for you to experience.


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