Executive Meeting Boat Hire

Looking for unparalleled location for your next executive meeting? Why not choose a venue that excites and impresses with Leisure Boat Hire?

At Leisure Boat Hire, we know it’s crucial to have access to state of the art meeting room facilities and we’re dedicated to providing these for you. Your meeting’s breaks will consist of fresh air and beautiful Sydney Harbour views, which are sure to engage both local and international clientele on board.

We offer a wide range of luxury vessels, accommodating anything from small to larger high-profile board meetings. All our vessels come equipped with state of the art audio-visual and presentation tools to meet all of your businesses’ needs.

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Recommended Vessels suitable for Executive Meetings

  • Aqua Bay

    $1,050 - $1,400/hour


    3-4 hours


  • Ghost I

    $1,600 - $1,750/hour


    4 hours


  • Prometheus

    $1,100- $1,600/hour


    2 hours

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