VIP Services

In addition to our regular events Leisure Bridgewater Charters offers the provision of VIP services for clients who require it. Perhaps you’re managing the itinerary for a well-known personality or need a discreet way to transport people from one location to another. No matter the need Leisure Bridgewater Charters are happy to help. Likewise, we’re comfortable with liaising with other services if necessary, we have a wide network of caterers and chefs we work with and have relationships with security companies and personal. You can rest assure knowing your requirements are being taken care of professionally and with un-compromised style, luxury and most importantly confidentiality.

Please contact us directly for more information and help with VIP services.

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Recommended Vessels suitable for VIP events

  • Seven Star

    $2250 - $2500/hour


    3 hours

  • Shadow

    $3,250 /hour


    4 hours


  • Ghost II

    $3,200 - $4,000/hour


    4 hours


Each of our vessels has a wonderful variety of food and beverages that you can browse through and select for your event.

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